Project Jewel strives to provide practical tools that individuals can use throughout their lives once programming has finished on-the-land. These include both tools for on-the-land survival and living, as well as stress management and healthy living tools. These elements combined can lead to an individual having increased self-esteem, increased resiliency, increase self-worth, understanding of how they can overcome barriers and achieve goals, empowerment for themselves and their loved ones (ie: children), increased connection to their culture, pride in their achievements.

From February 17-24, 2017, young men from the region participated in a 10-day on the land camp where trapper skills were highlighted. We partnered with a local Elder who has an active trapline to learn the skills of setting, checking and taking care of traps. The young men learned about different types of traps for different animals, and also learned about survival on the land while in charge of a trapline. This camp was highly mobile while using the Elder’s camp as home base.