We just came back from a week-long, Project Jewel: Father-son Trapper Training program with Angus and Frieda Alunik. All participants took part in a briefing with Angus on trap identification and particular use. All participants were introduced to various types of snares: how to set and construct for the intended animal. Participants were then given the time to familiarize themselves with setting each trap as well as setting it off to appreciate the seriousness of trapper safety and function of each trap.

It's important to note that our focus on this camp was to improve the relationships between fathers and their sons while building their skills through traditional and modern knowledge. Both families noted in the debrief that the week was very beneficial to them, and that the one-on-one time that they experienced with each other was very much appreciated.

In conclusion, it was a cold week with the average temp hovering around -34C. We did not successfully trap animals but we did see one mink and three moose. Everyone went home satisfied and likely about 5 pounds heavier due to Frieda’s cooking!

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