On November 9 – 20th, the Northern ICE team spent time delivering community wellness workshops at the Cultural Centre in Tulita, NT. Over the three weeks, we spent time together learning through traditional teaching and documentaries, which prompted dialogue and sharing circles.   We learned about traditional medicines, feelings and emotions, the Dene language, and ceremony. We discussed food toxicity, medications, disease, and getting to the root cause of what is keeping us out of balance.  Community members shared the powerful healing of sharing with one another, and discussing topics that they have not shared with anyone before.  It was an incredible month of sharing and learning from one another.  This was a wonderful beginning to the Tulita Land-Based Healing Wellness Camp.  It is important for us to continue healing through sharing out on the land.  The elders and leaders see this and want to make this happen themselves.  They say we need to "just do it", instead of letting the fear of making mistakes stop us dead in our tracks.  They're encouraged and motivated to take more ownership of making this camp happen.